Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Taiga!!

Taiga celebrated his big "5" yesterday!

He was excited all day long about two things...
1) his present - he'd requested a specific game for the DS
2) his first day joining Kai's shorinji kempo class

We went to shorinji right after preschool, and Taiga was very keen to stand alongside Kai and go through the moves. Kai was a good, if a bit too strict, teacher. He enjoys being the one who 'knows' what to do, and its a good experience for him to show off as well. I'm glad that the two of them are finally doing an activity together. Up to now, all the extra activities we've done have been just for Kai.

After class, we headed to the restaurant for cake. Taiga loved his chocolate cake with Pokemon characters, just like he'd requested. He got his DS game cassette, plus a great Pokemon play kit from Kai, and a new DVD from Grandma and Grandpa, and a bit of cash from Jiichan and Baachan to pick his own gift from. He went to bed a happy 'big boy'.

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