Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer School

Every summer, we spend 2 weeks in Kobe, attending the Kobe Bilingual School's Summer School program. For 2 weeks we stay with the school's owner and her family, and go to school every day. I help teach, and Kai and Taiga join the program. It's a wonderful and fun experience, where the kids study and learn in English rather than actually studying English.

This year's theme is Africa. We're learning about some of the countries in Africa, the animals and the habitats, and learning some African games and songs. Kai is at the main school (where I am) and Taiga is with the younger kids at the satellite classroom. Everyone is having a wonderful time, and nobody speaks any Japanese at all, all day!!

IMG_5613 This is the Rainforest Relay Race we did in the park! Balancing (?) boxes on our heads, we ran the obstacles, picking up all the lost African animals along the way.

Dancing the “Waka Waka” song!


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