Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Welcome back Daddy!

I looked up from the computer a moment ago and smiled. Haj is lying on the floor, sleeping, and Taiga is snuggled up against his back watching "Dora the Explorer" over his shoulder. Kai is snuggled up against Taiga's back, watching over his shoulder. The peaceful moments that make life so special.

Haj came home today after spending a week in Vancouver. His appointment to pick up his PR card came 2 weeks earlier than we'd hoped, and he had to make the trip alone. His thoughts of spending the time with all his old buddies from work were thwarted by the flu, which hit him pretty much as soon as he got off the plane. He managed to get all his essential paperwork done in the first two days, and then proceeded to spend almost all of the next 4 days flat on his back in bed. Poor guy.

Of course, I could be insensitive, and take the 'serves him right' stance, as he did give me the same flu before heading off... I too spent most of the last 3 days in bed, and barely managed to take care of the boys. I am grateful though, because Haj's parents took very good care of me, and did what they could for the boys as well. Haj's dad cooked dinners for the boys, and made me a special 'vitamin rich' soup as well, and Haj's mom took Taiga to preschool every morning to save me the trip out. Kai did his share as well, cleaning the bath one day, and the dishes another, and helping Taiga brush his teeth every night.

Sometimes it takes a strong knock on the head (in our case nothing more serious than the flu, thankfully) to show you how strong your family really is.

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