Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Roots Christmas 2008

Well, we did it again!!

We had our biggest party ever this year, with 35 kids and about 20 adults in attendance! We rented the local community centre for the event, and I think it was a roaring success!

We started out with a fast-paced limbo session, and then did some Christmas musical 'cards'. To help them calm down a little, we then got out our pencils and did a fun Christmas crossword activity. I'm always impressed at how well the kids write (with hints of course!) and they have more concentration than most of my university students!! I think (hope!) the parents were sufficiently impressed as well!

After a hard activity of work, it was time for a little fun (and chocolate of course!) so we played the M&M relay. Each team had to pass a tiny cup of M&M's player by player up the line, and the last player ran to dump the load into the team's bowl, then returned to the beginning to start the next round. The kids had such great teamwork skills, with the big kids helping out the little kids, and nobody really getting too angry with the few littlest kids who did their best to disrupt the line. They were all really happy in the end when they got to divide their big bowl of candies among the team members.

We then moved upstairs to the kitchen, and had snack time. I got smart this year and had each family bring a bag of snacks or a bottle of juice, so I didn't have to provide the whole feast! Many thanks to the big people who worked hard to set up the snack stations during the games, so we were able to enjoy our treats right away! We also had a nice piece of chocolate cake! Yum!

After the snacks, we brought out the gingerbread house kits! Each station (5 total) built a house. Only one had a bit of a disasterous roof-collapse! Oops! The rest came out beautifully! The big people did the main building, and all the kids got their hands into the decorating process. The grade 3 girls did their whole house by themselves, showing again great teamwork in building the structure!

We all then moved back down for a little bit of quiet time, and watched the DVD "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". We had read the book in class the week before, so everyone was familiar with the story, and everyone got a good laugh at seeing it on the screen!

A good group song came next; "What do you want for Christmas?" The final line of the chorus is "Santa's on his way". I got the kids all riled up asking "WHO is coming???" and when they had shouted "Santa!!" loud enough, the great man himself came bounding into the room!! Santa had a giant sac of gifts to give out to all the good little girls and boys! Family photos were followed by a big group photo, and we ended right on time!

A great sucess, with the help of many friends and parents. What a fabulous way to end 2008!

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